Why I love Hello Fresh

If you’re online even a little bit during the day, you’ve probably seen an ad or two for various meal delivery boxes.  I’ve tried a few of these for a variety of reasons and I have to say my favorite by far is HelloFresh so I’d thought I’d share a little bit about why I love it so much and how I use it to help me meal plan.

Beast and I started trying out these meal delivery boxes after our first kiddo, Bear, was born.  I was trying to master the working mom/new mom thing and just plain needed a little help getting dinner on the table.  So we started getting a box or two a month just to give me a break some weeks.


Still to today, I love when that box shows up!  It means a delicious dinner is planned for the next two nights with no planning required from me.

Out of the services we tried, we’ve liked HelloFresh the best for the following reasons:

  • It is flexible.  You can stop/start service at any time and skip as many weeks as you want.  We currently get a box every 3-4 weeks and I can easily log in on their online calendar and skip/add weeks as I think of it.
  • The meals are easy to recreate.  I save the recipe card for the meals we receive, hole punch it, and put it in my meal planning binder.  The ingredients are all very  easy to get at any grocery store.  I can thumb through my binder while meal planning, pick out something that sounds good, and quickly add the ingredients to my grocery list.  I love this because it helps me branch out to new recipes so I don’t fall into a rut of just making the same 8 meals over and over each month.

  • There is a variety of different cuisine types.  You get to try your hand from everything from Italian to Korean.  I love exposing the kids to different flavors and types of food so this box makes it very easy for me to do that!
  • The Family Box is very kid friendly.  Nothing is too spicy or strange.  My kids eat the meals well and the recipe cards even have suggestions for steps you can have the kids help you with.
  • I learn new techniques and how to use/prepare ingredients that I haven’t used before.  Again good to diversify what my family is eating and make sure no one gets bored with my usual fare, including me.
  • And probably most importantly, the end product is delicious.  We’ve loved literally every recipe.

If you’re interested in trying HelloFresh 

(and getting $40 off your first box) 

take a look at this offer:  

HelloFresh $40 off

Happy cooking!


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