About me: Hi!  I’m Mel.  I work four days a week at a hospital as a genetic counselor and live in Colorado with my husband, two kids, and a cranky miniature schnauzer.  In 2020, I published a children’s book called The Adventures of Bubby and Didi. The book is about siblings finding fun ways to play at home.

I enjoy my garden, reading a good book, wine, coffee, time with my kids, time with my hubby, and the rare times I have alone.  My happiest place at home whipping up something that my kids and husband will love with some music on and a glass of wine in my hand.

Photo Credit: Andrea from Andrea Michelle Photography (andreamichelle-photos.com)

Served With Love (in Colorado) is a place for me to put some ramblings on cooking and raising small humans.  I will mainly share about one way I love on my family: food.  Let’s be honest, getting dinner on the table after a hard day’s work is sometimes really, really tough.  But I think it is important.  Sitting around the table with my family growing up was a very grounding experience.  We talked, we lingered, we bonded.  I want that for my family so I decided a long time ago that this was something I really wanted to work hard at.  In addition to time at the table, I want the food going in their mouths to be good for their bodies and their souls.  I’ve put the effort in and now I think this might be one thing I have figured out as a mom, at least 90% of the time.  I may not be the most patient mom or the mom who has holiday treats for every child in the classroom every holiday but I can get a healthy and yummy dinner on the table like a pro.  The goal of this space is to share my tips and recipes to help other working moms out there.

The name: My grandmother was always big on serving things with love and I have something framed in my kitchen from her on the subject as well as a cook book she gave me with that phrase on the front.  Focusing on this phrase on the nights when I’m exhausted from the day helps me get in the mood to cook so it seemed a natural title for this space.

Warning: Served With Love (in Colorado) will not look like a professional food photographer’s blog and will mostly contain iPhone photos and things I quickly write up, nothing ultra edited in any way.  Because I DO NOT have talent for that or currently the time to learn it!  And those edits probably wouldn’t make much of a difference as far as the content I hope to come across.  If you want pretty pictures, check out your favorite design blog.  If you want to see how I love on my family with food and the things I look at when actively trying to figure out this crazy thing called parenting, stick around.  That’s all I’ve got.