High tea baby shower: Recipes and source list

A colleague of mine is having a baby this summer so I wanted to throw a little baby shower for her.  I always struggle coming up with themes but this one was a hit so I wanted to share the recipes and sources I was able to find that made it come together.

My inspiration for this was actually something we did for my Working Moms MOPS group.  We put together a formal high tea for our last meeting this year.  I was also looking for a reason to get my grandmother’s tea set out and actually use it!

I made tea sandwiches, punch, lavender cookies, fruit and cheese bites, and had various types of tea available.  I bought some chocolates and a colleague brought some delicious homemade scones.

Here are the recipes I used (great ideas from other people):

Punch Recipe (both a blue and pink version)

Lavender cookies (recipe from the MOPS magazine “Hello, Dearest”)

Sources of various products I used:



Serving towers

Tea pack

This was very easy to pull together and like I said, it went over very well.  It was easy to quickly get some water boiling between conversations and refill the pot occasionally.  The amount of food was perfect for 5-6 people and I felt like I was actually able to enjoy the get together without having to coordinate too much.

It really was a fun little get together and something I will definitely do again!


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