New Page: Favorite Things

You will now see a new section on the header menu of my blog now: Favorite Things. I will be adding different items I find for my kitchen, my kids, or myself that are high quality, work great, and worth sharing. I also put a list of my favorite follows and podcasts in case those are helpful as well. I know I love receiving these recommendations from friends instead of just trying to search for things on my own.

What I am working on for Served With Love in Colorado:

  • Chicken piccata recipe to share
  • Carnitas tacos recipe to share
  • Full tour and information on our Colorado Teardrop trailer (I’ve named her Spark and love her so much!)
  • My 5 favorite recipes for summer
Carnitas tacos recipe coming soon!

What I am excited about:

  • Hopefully being able to do some readings and promotion of The Adventures of Bubby and Didi now that things with COVID are improving
  • All our camping trips this summer, including a big one in June to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks
  • Having Bear and Ladybug with me on Fridays this summer. I’m off on Fridays and will only send them to their summer program Monday through Thursday so we can hike and go to the zoo, aquarium and other fun places.
  • My garden. I cannot wait to get more plants in the ground!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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