When you cook with booze, which should be often…

If you’ve taken a look at my recipes, a lot of them include deglazing with wine or beer.  Is this just an excuse to open up a bottle of something on a weeknight?  Well, maybe.  But really the goal is to deepen the flavor of whatever I’m cooking, which brings me to this cooking tip:

Never, EVER,  cook with booze you wouldn’t enjoy drinking.  

Seriously.  Never.  If they sell it as “cooking wine” in a grocery store DO NOT cook with it.  Ever.  If you have a can of Natty Light in the fridge that’s been there forever DO NOT put it in your food.

Why?  If you don’t like the flavor of it enough to drink it, you won’t like the flavor it adds to your food.

A lot of the cooking wine I’ve tasted honestly tastes nothing like wine at all so it doesn’t have the same effect as adding a glug of chardonnay.

Here’s my rule:  If you like it and genuinely enjoy drinking it, then it is good enough for your food.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  If you wouldn’t drink it, don’t let it touch your food.

There you have it.  Now crack open a bottle of something and deglaze a pan with it.  And pour yourself a glass while you’re at it.


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