Served With Love: Humor

Originally written 10/24/17

Last week I made something delicious.  It was also appalling to look at.  I share this story in order to show that even people who like to cook and think they are pretty ok at it still have meals that don’t go so well.  Ultimately, these are meals you learn from and get better because of.  All you can do is laugh and try again the next meal.

Beast was out of town for a few days last week so I was trying to make a healthy meal that would be super easy.  And I was craving something that tasted like fall.  Pork chops, sweet potatoes, apples, and cider were on hand so I was planning to make my Cinnamon Apple Pork Chops but thought maybe it would be even easier if I put it all in the crock pot instead.

Yes, this was easy.  Yes, it tasted fabulous and the pork chops were super tender and tasty.  But…  Sweet potatoes and apples when left in a crock pot for hours become a not so attractive mush of orange and brown.  I’m sparing you from a picture on purpose but I’m sure you can imagine it.

Bear, who eats EVERYTHING, looked at the plate I put in front of him and without so much as smelling my foul appearing concoction said, “I don’t think I like that.”  Well said, my son.

He and Ladybug both did try it and both did eat it well because after you got over the visual appearance, it really did taste exactly how I wanted it to: sweet and cinnamony, tender and juicy.

Now there was plenty leftover but I could not imagine myself actually pulling these leftovers out of the fridge and thinking, “Mmmm, yeah that looks good.”  I also could not imagine throwing a whole pork chop and bowl of veggies away simply because they looked bad.  So our dog, Charlie, ate well the next two meals.

Next time, I’ll put the pork chops, onions, cider, and spices in the crock pot and leave the sweet potatoes and apples for cooking later.  Once again a reminder that we first eat with our eyes and the appearances of our meals are important.  I’m sure Charlie is hoping I forget that fact again soon.


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