Exciting news: Children’s Book Published!

More information and an excerpt at www.bubbyanddidi.com.

I’ve hinted before that I had a bit of a side writing project going on and just this week I was able share exactly what that was. I published a children’s book called The Adventures of Bubby and Didi. It is based on my kids, Bear and Ladybug as I call them in this space, and I could not be more excited to have it out in the world!

This book has been written for a couple of years. I have read it to my kids off and on and occasionally sent it to random publishers to see if anyone was interested in it. During the spring quarantine of 2020 I decided to get more serious about getting it published. I used my Fridays off to begin working with Archway Publishing, the self-publishing arm of Simon and Schuster, and six months later the book has been published.

The book is all about how two siblings use a cardboard box full of odds and ends to have creative playtimes at home. I do not think the timing could be any better since we’re all staying at home a bit more these days, siblings are playmates even more than before, and the cooler fall/winter weather is arriving making indoor play more frequent. I really hope this book can be used by families to help inspire creative playtimes for their kids during the craziness of 2020 and beyond.

More details about where you can find the book and the story are below.

Happy reading!



The Adventures of Bubby and Didi

Published October 21, 2020 by Archway Publishing

More information and an excerpt at www.bubbyanddidi.com.

Available now at:

*Authors receive a higher percentage of the purchase price when a book is ordered directly from the publisher instead of a retailer like Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Details about the book:

Bubby and Didi are not just brother and sister. They’re best friends, too! Together, they use an “Adventure Box,” filled with odds and ends to help them go on adventures throughout the day——with their dog, Charlie, of course.

One moment, Bubby and Didi are superheroes stopping the bad guy. The next moment, they’re chefs whipping up tasty treats for their biggest fan: Charlie. Their Adventure Box lets them travel to far-off places in their imaginations, like the jungle and even space.

At the end of the day, it’s time to rest, but Bubby and Didi aren’t finished having fun yet. Now, it’s time to read books, and those books give them ideas for tomorrow’s playtime!

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