Press: The Adventures of Bubby and Didi on the news!

As many of you know, I am a clinical genetic counselor by day, not a trained writer and a definite newbie to the world of publishing. Writing, publishing, and marketing a children’s book have been skills that I have had to develop as I’ve gone through this process. Luckily, I have some friends who have some these skills who I can learn from! One such friend has been extremely helpful with marketing and helping me to get my book out into the world. Creating and sending out “Adventure Boxes” was this friend’s idea.

The kids wrote the “Adventure Box” for me to make it look like the box in the book.

In the fall of 2020, I sent “Adventure Boxes” with my book, masks, capes, a journal, and other fun items to a few individuals. I knew some of these individuals from various connections and some are public figures I hoped to connect with. Along with the items, I sent a note asking the individual if they would be willing to share information about my book with their followers and friends on social media. One of those boxes went to Corey Rose, from 9News in Denver. She has two young children who are close in age just like the characters in the book. She also does a parenting/family segment on 9News called “It Takes A Village” and has a group on facebook with the same name.

Masks, capes, and all sorts of fun goodies to help kids start their adventures.

With her interests and family, I was thinking she might be interested in the book but my box went out to her while she was on maternity leave. After months of not hearing anything from many of the people I sent boxes to, I was a bit discouraged. Then, out of the blue, Corey sends me a message on Instagram and asked if she could mention the book as part of a segment she was doing. She said some very nice things about the book and asked questions so she could share all the details.

Here is the segment that ran on Mile High Mornings on Thursday, April 8th, 2021.

Corey Rose from 9News on Mile High Mornings

It was definitely an honor to be listed with some other women entrepreneurs!

The other women mentioned in the story are producing some really fantastic products so please check them out.

Lana’s Shop: Packadoo Alphabet Cards for Kids and many other beautiful products.

Compact Play: Dough-on-the-Go and other play dough kits that are super cute.

I saved the Instagram stories that Corey did about the book on the @bubbyanddidi Instagram highlights. It was very fun to see the book talked about in such a public forum and I hope this news story will help it to get in front of (and purchased by) more people!

Fingers crossed!


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