From broken mayo to olive oil cake…

This weekend I got it in my head that I needed to make homemade tartar sauce (and therefore mayo) for a fish fry we were planning.  I was short on time so I thought I could skip over the recommendation for all of the products to be room temperature.  “Eh, it will probably just take a little more elbow grease to whip cold eggs into mayo,” I thought.  Wrong.  Cold eggs do not whip into mayo.  They whip into useless oil and egg liquid.  Or so I thought.

“Now what?” I was thinking looking at a $5 or more in oil, eggs, and fresh lemon juice that was looking like it just needed to get thrown out.  Thankfully, I remembered a recipe I had seen but never tried for olive oil cake.  I quickly pulled it up and realized that I could throw a few ingredients into my oily mess, bake it, and call it a planned cake.  So I did and it turned out just fine even though the ratios I had in my oily mess weren’t even exactly what the recipe called for.

Here is the olive oil cake recipe I used in case anyone else winds up with a broken mayo in need of resurrecting:

The next day, I tried a different mayo recipe and let the ingredients come to room temperature.  I wasn’t going to let homemade mayo stump me.  This time: Perfection.  I then mixed in some dill and finely diced cucumber and had a fresh tartar sauce that was delish.

Here is the mayo recipe I used:   (This recipe is Whole 30 compliant.)

Happy cooking!



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